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A complete online marketing solution 'in a box' to get you up and running in just 8 weeks

That's me in the box

Marketing is hard, and online marketing is even harder. I've been helping organisations with this for years, and I'm still learning. But along the way I've been able to distill the essence and discard the nonsense. What's left, I've put in 'the box'. No, it's not a real box, that would be silly. But it's a concept - a way of simply saying that for a fixed fee you get everything you need to get started promoting your organisation online. You get my experience and time, and you get the tools and technology needed to knit it all together.

Naturally everyones' needs are different, and that's fine - it's a personalised service - you won't be shoehorned into some guru's idea of how your business should work. Instead, you'll find I'll start by listening - a lot. But don't worry - I won't be 'borrowing your watch to tell you the time' - I just need to understand the journey you've already been on to make sure that the next phase - online - meshes in with it comfortably.

So what do I get?

 Personalised online marketing support over 8 weeks
   - That's 3 hours a week with me face-to-face/over Skype.

 A technical toolkit that contains everything worth using, including a 12 months license
   - In itself worth even more than I'm charging for 'the box'

 Accounts setup and configured for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace & as appropriate to your needs.

Um, go on, what's it cost?

Prices start from £1,999 + VAT.

Okay, I'm convinced. Where do I sign?

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